Unless otherwise amended below, the current year’s NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association) Laws of the Game shall apply. NFHS Laws of the Game and other resources are available at

1. Forty-five (45) minutes prior to the start of the game all visiting and home team players, as well as, each team’s head coach and a team representative must be present for the start of the weigh-in process. The head coach is responsible for reporting to the site director with all members of his or her team to be weighed in. Players should be lined up in alphabetical order by their last name. The head coach or one team representative are the only representatives allowed to accompany his or her team to the scale for game day weight checks. Once a Peewee and Super Midget player has made weight for the first time for a game, they will no longer be required to weigh in for the remainder of the season. All Peewee and Super Midget players must make weight in one regular season game to be eligable to participate in the playoffs.

2. Each team may have one coach on the field during play. Before the snap, both offensive and defensive coaches must be a minimum of 15 yards from the line of scrimmage. Coaches must be behind the end zone in red zone plays. The coach may not interfere with the play. If any coach on the field of play touches the football during a live play, the coach is ejected and it is a 15 yard penalty.

3. In the presence of each team’s captains, Referees will conduct the coin toss prior to kickoff. The team listed first on the schedule is considered the home team and will call heads or tails. The home team will occupy the north or east sideline, whichever applies. The Home team is responsible for obtaining volunteers to run the sideline chains and down marker.

Volunteers and Coaches

All League and organization volunteers must meet and fulfill all Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department requirements for being a youth volunteer/coach.

Ages and Weights

Age Determination

Football player’s age will be determined by their age as of July 31 of each season.

Peewee - 8u up to 115 pounds.

Super Midget - 10u up to 135 pounds.

Midget - 12u No weight limit

Varsity - 14u No weight Limit

Playing Rules

All games shall be played under the National Federation of State High School rules with the following exceptions:

1) The game will consist of two continuous 22-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. The clock will be continuously running, only stopping for team and/or referee time outs. Each team is allowed two, 30-second timeouts per half. In the case of a tie a Shoot-Out style play off will be played after a Five (5) minute break. See below for Tie Breaker Rule. In the last two minutes of the game, the team with a 21 point lead cannot call a timeout, and all penalties will stop the clock. In the the last two minutes of each half, regular High School rules will apply with regards to the clock.

2) There will be NO kickoffs, play will begin from the 30 yds line. On a safety the ball will be placed at the offensive 40yd.

3) The methods of scoring and their value: Touchdown=6 points. Extra Point= 1 points from the 3 yard line, 2 points from the 6 yd line. Safety=2 points

4) Fumbled balls are live and may be advanced. 5) Punt are live for SM, M, & V. PW Division NO player may advance until ball is kicked. Then it is live.

5) There shall be no set jersey numbering system.

6) As many team captains as designated from both teams shall attend the game ceremonies and instruction at midfield.

7) If you wish to provide your own football for your game, it shall be certified by a League Official and the Game Official (as to proper inflation and size) and presented to the Game Official prior to Kick-Off.

The following list represents the current footballs allowed in League games:

Pee-Wee: Wilson K2 or its equivalent
Super Midget: Wilson TDJ or its equivalent
Midget: Wilson TDJ or its equivalent
Varsity: Wilson TDY or its equivalent


12.1) All League games shall be played using qualified, League-approved Game Officials. The Game Officials shall be required to make a written report to the League of any instances where the conduct of any member of a team, the team’s staff, or other person has, in their opinion, been unsportsmanlike or detrimental to the game or the League. The League shall furnish Game Official Clock Operators.

Uniforms and Equipment 1) Each player shall have a complete uniform, with NOCSAE approved equipment which includes a helmet with face guard and chin strap, shoulder pads, tail pad (1), hip pads (1 left and 1 right), thigh pads (1 left and 1 right), knee pads (1 left and 1 right), plastic or rubber molded cleats (plastic detachable cleats are permitted, but no metal may be exposed on any part of the cleats), mouthpiece and an athletic supporter. No jewelry of any type may be worn during the game. Any player found to not be in compliance must immediately be removed from the game and cannot return until they are properly equipped.

Overtime Rule: Each team will have 4 tries to score from the 5 yard line. Each score is worth one point to the Offense and each turnover is worth a half a point to the Defense. In the event of a tie after the first overtime period, the process will be repeated. If after to overtime sessions the game is still tied, the teams will rotate offense and defense every play until there is a winner.

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